Compressor pcp diving hand stop

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Compressor ini Hand stop!
jadi pengisian bisa stop di psi yang anda inginkan secara manual(klik).

Cukup 2menitan untuk pengisian 4500psi

Mau Reques xpdc/kiriman silakan hubungi kami WA 082167492970

High Pressure AUTO STOP Electric PCP Compressor Reciprocating Air Pump for Pneumatic Airgun Scuba Rifle PCP Inflator

Item Specifications :

1.Power : 1.8 KW .
2.Available For Tank Volume : 0 – 1 L .6.8L Need 30kg water for cooling
3.Pressure Gauge : 0- 40Mpa .
4.Working Pressure : 0- 30Mpa .
5.Compression Stage : 2 Stage .
6.Cooling Wind & Water Cooling .

Model Number A001
Brand Name AGH
Type Other
Model Number: Upgraded version of the fourth generation
Structure: Multistage Pump
Pressure: High Pressure
Power: Pneumatic
Theory: Reciprocating Pump
Features Foldable base /30MPA can work more than 2 hours
Usage: Air Pump
Material: stainless steel, aluminium
Application: Airgun,Car,Motorbike,multi-purpose pcp hand pump

1: The machine must be used to add water.
2:Pay attention to oil oil level, should be in the red dot on the edge of the place to appropriate.
3: The pump is 0 pressure start. If you need to stop at the time of use. Start again when the pressure relief screw loose. The pressure inside the machine to let go after the start.
4: Pay attention to the use of temperature, generally not more than 65 degrees.
5:Do not unauthorized transformation, not by the repair of technical personnel other than people to break down, maintenance.
6:Before use, please ensure that the plug board can withstand more than 8A current, or it may be due to overload the socket caused the circuit burned, the product is damaged or dangerous.

Jam operasional toko

senin-jumat : 9.00-19.00
sabtu-minggu : slow respon

orderan masuk paling lama jam 5sore di kirim dihari yang sama,
orderan masuk diatas jam 5sore dikirim di hari berikut nya.


Additional information

Weight 18 kg


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