Hobby Gue was founded in 2006 which used to be a Gun Shop in Taiwan. Since Hobby Gue achieves big success on domestic market, Hobby Gue decides to start the trading business to reach the worldwide market since 2008.

In 2 years hard working, Hobby Gue has earned excellent reputation among clients in East Europe, Europe and Asia. But Hobby Gue never stops. Hobby Gue built up a new factory and develop our own models/ products since 2010. First model is Makarov Full Metal Co2 with Deep Stamping Trademark which really rules the Airgun market.

Hobby Gue is on fire and bringing more and more self-developed products since 2013.

Although Hobby Gue doesn’t have 100 year history, Hobby Gue has the biggest ambition. Hobby Gue will keep developing and bring more fresh gun products to the World. Hobby Gue IS HITTING!